According to a Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) report, 88% of companies that participate in trade shows do so to raise awareness of their company and its brand.1 Trade shows and exhibits are also an ideal platform for firms to market and sell their products and/or services. And the same CEIR study found that 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.1 Designing an exhibition booth in a way that attracts these spenders is not an easy task. To be effective, booths should stand out from the crowd and be designed with a layout that encourages attendees to enter and linger.

Here are five key design trends that will draw the most attention to your booth – and do so within budget.

5 Budget-Friendly Booth Design Trends

  1. Make it Loud and Clear

“I wonder what they do?” is not what an exhibitor wants to hear at a trade show. Yet often designers use too many disparate pictures, or they have signage that is too small, which can leave an attendee confused about what the company is selling. Your visuals should clearly state who you are and what you are about. Another mistake designers make is using bland and boring colours on the booth which makes it fade into oblivion. Using bold booth designs that include budget-friendly thermofoil panels in bright colours – complimented with clear signage that stands out – will not only attract attention but also convey your message.

  1. Make it Modern

Keeping an audience captivated at a hectic trade show, where they are being bombarded with messages from everywhere, requires some ingenuity. A modern design that uses textured thermofoil panels in different sheens and installed at interesting angles adds a cutting-edge look. Incorporate monitors into the panels to give the booth more visual presence. Run product demos or other informative content on a video loop. But remember to keep videos short, or viewers will wander off before the full message is conveyed. 

  1. Make it Inviting

Rushing around from one stand to the next is what trade shows are all about. A booth that offers a “break-zone” will be so much more inviting to the weary attendee. With the versatility afforded by thermofoil panels, it is easy to incorporate a small kitchenette/espresso bar into a stand design. Take it a step further and include overstuffed chairs and a coffee table or bar stools and a counter. Remain focused on the main purpose of being at the show and place brochures and other marketing materials in strategic places within easy reach. 

  1. Make it Functional

Making the most of the dimensions of a trade show booth takes some creativity. For small booths, create a cozy conversation nook at the back of the booth with an attractive thermofoil divider. For larger booths, use versatile thermofoil panels to build a comfortable meeting room that can also serve as a storeroom after hours. When adding these features, it is important to keep traffic flow in mind. Design the footprint of the booth to maximize accessibility to the visitor and functionality for the exhibitor.

  1. Make it Modular

Adapting a stand to different floor plans at different venues can be a challenge. By keeping components modular, it is easy to interchange features without major millwork. Thermofoil panels and components can be manufactured to uniform specifications. The modular components can be manipulated like LEGO® blocks to create the perfect stand design for any footprint. Plus, the modularity of the stand components means they are easy to pack, store and reuse for the next show. 

Make it Thermofoil. When it comes to designing and building trade show booths, thermofoil panels and components are an innovative, versatile and cost-efficient material choice. Thermofoil components have no edge-seams, provide superior durability and come in finishes that will impress.

DAGIGA specializes in the manufacture of #1 quality thermofoil panels and components for trade show and exhibit spaces. Our products are healthcare grade, so they are extremely tough, and they come in 70+ colors to suit the most discerning tastes. We work with all the major designers for national trade shows and big box retailers. From international auto show booths to in-store digital kiosks, we help designers save time and money with fast turn-arounds, competitive pricing and a 5-year standard product guarantee.

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  1. CEIR: The Spend Decision: How Exhibits Fit into the Overall Marketing.