#1 Quality – Lab Tested

With over 70 distinct colors and finishes Dagiga is the most trusted high quality Thermofoil on the market.

Our manufacturing process produces very high quality, healthcare-grade, surfaces, doors, panels and components.

Below is one of our independent lab tests.  Our product was tested with a competitor’s product.  The products were heat stress tested under high temperature for 4-5 hours.  Temperature increased from 60 degree Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius, in 10 degree increments for at least 1 hour at each increment.

Nobody wants a thermofoil product peeling or delaminating – especially in less than 5 years of wear and tear. We’ve seen other products peeling in less than 18-24 months.  Prevent the risk by working with DAGIGA. We are known for our quality and service. Our thermofoil pressing process DAGIGA Press enables us to give our customers a minimum 5 year warranty and complete peace of mind.

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Insist on DAGIGA PRESSED thermofoil products.