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High-gloss or premium wood textured, anti-scratch and impact-resistant ACRYLIC SLABS at factory direct pricing.

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Healthcare Grade Acrylic Slabs

  • We have the thickest acrylic laminate available in the price range
  • Our PET is the thickest PET available in the market approx. 0.2mm’s thicker than the competition
  • Both our PET’s and Acrylics have mirror like reflection due to the lack of ingrains and indents on the surface
  • Our Acrylic is impact &  scratch resistant using a substance similar to scratch resistant smart phone surfaces
  • Our Acrylics & PET’s can be folded with no stretch marks, no wrinkles, and no discoloration due to the stress on the joint
  • Customers say “We’re the only acrylic boards in the city that can offer this”
  • Our Acrylic and PET’s possess antibacterial surfaces, perfect for the health care industry
  • Our laminates are “Cold Pressed” which essentially guarantees no de-lamination throughout the life of the panel
  • All other boards are “Hot Pressed” which can cause de-lamination within weeks of production

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  • Factory Direct Acrylic Slabs
  • Large Run & Single Orders
  • 5-Year Product Guarantee
  • Will not peel, split or delaminate, healthcare grade finishes
  • High-gloss or wood textured surfaces, featuring anti-scratch and impact resistant acrylic slabs.
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