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Healthcare Grade Pressed Thermofoil

Our thermofoil pressing process produces Healthcare Grade Quality. This process is ideal for doors, panels and surfaces. Dagiga is the most complete and trusted thermofoil components manufacturer for healthcare and residential architects, builders, and multi-unit property developers.

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We Guarantee Our Product

Simply put, if you’re not satisfied  with Dagiga Thermofoil we’ll make it right, every-time!

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Swatches, Textures and Styles

Thermofoil Swatches and Textures for Amazing Interior Design Effects

thermofoil wood grains marble concrete stone carbon fiber metallic

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Do you have a project in mind? We have a solution for you in ultra-modern thermofoil and 3D laminate surfaces. It's easy to reach us, simply click to view our 70+ colors & 30+ styles to choose from!
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