Anti-Scratch & Anti-Viral Surfaces for Healthcare Furniture

DAGIGA specializes in healthcare grade thermofoil components for hospital and clinic furniture applications. We manufacture cabinet doors, kitchen & bathroom doors, wall panels, tabletops, bed side surfaces, rolling furniture and work station surfaces.

Healthcare Grade Materials

70+ color swatches to choose from

Insist your architect is specifying top quality, scratch resistant, virus resistant, healthcare grade thermofoil by Dagiga for your clinic or hospital furniture applications. To see how we compare to the competition, see this link.

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Do you need hospital room furniture, wall panels, rolling utility tables, nurses workstations, or large healthcare reception areas?

We’re happy to assist in your materials planning efforts.

We offer custom mill work and/or surfacing for all applications including many standard designs. Insist on #1 Top-quality Healthcare Grade Thermofoil by Dagiga in your material specifications.

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