In a recent Home Stratosphere study of more than 500,000 kitchen designs, 48% of the kitchen cabinets were white, making it the #1 choice.1 It is not surprising that white is the first colour choice for cabinet designers. Consider the creative opportunities a neutral colour palate offers when it comes to coordinating with other colours, or even just punching out a bit of individuality with some accent splashes of colour.

White has always been a popular colour for designers, as it is a symbol of cleanliness, purity and peace and it can have a calming effect in our kaleidoscope world. There are many tones and shades of white, each of which reflect their own simple and delicate hue. White provides the perfect blank slate to allow modern and contemporary design elements to come to life, or to accentuate time-tested traditional designs.

Whether for residential, commercial or healthcare applications, here are the top 6 reasons why white cabinets are the most popular choice.

1. White emits an aura of light and space
Pure white is the result of the absorption of all colours in the light spectrum, which means it reflects the most light out of all colours, giving it a feeling of openness and space.

2. White exudes a clean and fresh appeal
White has always been associated with the medical profession, kitchens and overall hygiene. Its crisp, clean and sanitary appearance makes a bold and confident statement that the surface is clean, sterile and fresh.

3. White epitomizes the trend for low-maintenance
When a synthetic surface becomes scratched or scuffed, white is the easiest colour to buff and polish back to its original look and lustre, making regular maintenance a breeze. Also, out of all colours, white is least prone to fading.

4. White echoes the ethos of minimalist living
White has no equal when it comes to a colour that reflects absolute simplicity. It blends in with any other tone or hue and does not clash with any other colours. When white is used, fewer design elements are needed to complete a minimalist look.

5. White embraces monochromatic design
Using complementary shades of white to colour-coordinate cabinets, gables and walls with fixtures and furnishings is the ultimate in monochromatic design.

6. White encourages creative use of accents
White cabinets and fixtures can be accessorized with trendy, contrasting appliances and/or soft furnishings that can also be easily switched out for a change in colour scheme. Plain white cabinets can be dressed and redressed with standout hardware fixtures to completely change the look.

White will always be the chosen base colour for any design project, delivering that clean and peaceful foundation we need in todays hectic, colourful and crazy world. But white is not just white, there are many different shades, textures and finishes available to designers today.

DAGIGA supplies thermofoil panels and products in over 30 shades of white, available in matte, high gloss and satin finishes. We can also provide you with your chosen hue and finish in different textures, including woodgrain, faux leather, whitewash, marble/stone and more. We also manufacture raw MDF and paintable PVC panels, doors, tops and components that you can match to any tone or colour of your choice.

As a proudly Canadian company, every DAGIGA product that leaves our facility comes with a minimum 5-year warranty. We deliver premium grade components, without premium pricing and guarantee fast delivery turnarounds. Contact us today for more information or a competitive quote.



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